• A Great Walk For Peace 2018

    Pilgrimage is a strong tradition of any Faith, mine especially; but this is to be a Radical Pilgrimage. Radical because I'm carrying the hopes and wishes for a peaceful world of everybody on this planet, where ever I go I'm going to encourage the world to say YES TO PEACE. On Monday 15th October 2018 I start walking, with my good friend Dave Ananta, from my home city of Lancaster to our capital city of London, a journey of about 250 miles. My aim is to arrive at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London for the Remembrance Day Service on Sunday 11th November, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

    I am walking to raise money for the Tara Centre in Lancaster, a place that offers help in dealing with trauma in people's life through kindness, compassion and community. I hope to raise £1000 that will go to keep the Tara Centre in its home for the next year. The Centre helps so many people through hard times and to find peace in their lives.


    Walking with humility, with the intention of open-heartedness, of deep listening, of offering my own insights into the Peace that lives in all of us.I will be walking in my priestly robes, walking the length of the country with the intention of expounding the message of Radical Peacefulness wherever I go, Peace of the individual, Peace in community and Peace as a whole world unity. To be kind to each other.

  • There are a number of ways that you could be a part of this Great Walk.

    Firstly, please donate generously from the green button above, as all money raised goes to keeping the Tara Centre open in Lancaster. Your name and your kind heart would be forever embossed in the lives of all who benefit from this place of love.

    Secondly, why not walk with us? Why not spend a day with us and experience your own pilgrimage? I can send you a sponsorship form and you could help us to raise money for the Tara Centre as you walk. We will be walking an easy 10 miles per day and there will be a number of stops for meditation. We will support each other. 

    Thirdly, become one of our Great Benefactors who offer a place of rest at the end of a days pilgrimage. A warm meal and a soft bed are the most incredible gifts for aching bones. An outline of the route is shown in the map and we are working on a much more detailed plan. Please get in touch asap if you can offer this support, jiteiwhite@gmail.com.

    Fourthly, be a follower on social media, mention us to friends and family. Spread the message of kindness and love wherever you go and whoever you meet. 

  • Inner Peace


    The big question of everyone's life is, whether we actively think about it or not: 'What is the meaning of my life? Peace in life comes through realising that if I let go of all of my questions, then the answers appear. Peace in life comes through losing our self criticism and self doubt. Being kind to ourselves.

  • Social Peace


    The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes. Cultivating close, warm-hearted relationships with others transforms our own life; therefore, individual peace can come from peace in society.

  • Global Peace


    Everybody shares the same need for love; if you look through the eyes of a family member, of a neighbour, of an enemy, that is what you see. Our basic natures' are the same. I believe that the practice of active compassion is needed, not based on any religion but based on a respect for humanity and its beautiful diverse nature.