• I have put my whole life on the line.

    No longer is it right for anyone to stand back and be silent about the way humanity disregards the greatness of our lives and disregards our connection with our beautiful earth. Each of us is a being of such great action, of great hope and yet we are often told otherwise. Every one of us has a heart that can open to peace. Society, community, is the majesty of respect for others. A society practicing peacefulness, fully enveloped in kindness is the maturity of our humanity. Nations practicing peace are not fueled by the continual preparation for war. We are so much greater than what we are told. Peacefulness and Kindfulness are not weak, they are the strength of our humanity and with them we know our true place on this great earth.

    I wear the robe of ordination in the Buddhist Way to be of service, for the sake of all beings, to be a witness to the suffering of the world and to care. My life vow is to help others find peace.

    My life is the body of a Peace Pilgrim, walking in prayer, walking as a prayer, witnessing and talking with the heart of compassion, wherever I go.

    My Pilgrimage has begun.

  • Inner Peace



    The big question of everyone's life is, whether we actively think about it or not: 'What is the meaning of my life? Peace in life comes through realising that if I let go of all of my questions, then the answers appear. Peace in life comes through losing our self criticism and self doubt. Being kind to ourselves.

  • Social Peace


    The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes. Cultivating close, warm-hearted relationships with others transforms our own life; therefore, individual peace can come from peace in society.

  • Global Peace


    Everybody shares the same need for love; if you look through the eyes of a family member, of a neighbour, of an enemy, that is what you see. Our basic natures' are the same. I believe that the practice of active compassion is needed, not based on any religion but based on a respect for humanity and its beautiful diverse nature.