• Zen Garden Design

  • The Zen Garden is the life of an Ishi-tate-so, a Stone-Setting Priest, a Zen Priest Garden Designer. Traditionally, for centuries, Zen Priests have been creating gardens and landscapes that reveal the simplicity in life and in nature.

    I am now available to accept commissions from all over the world to design a sacred garden that invokes contemplation, meditation and joy.

    To design a true Zen garden one must know Zen, live Zen. Meditation is at the core of Zen practice and the garden designed from this is a balanced living being.

    I am the only Ishi-tate-so teaching in this country. With over 35 years experience designing gardens and with over 35 years practising Zen.

    The Ishi-tate-so sees the essence of the garden, he sees the heart of the stone, the true essence of each plant. The harmony of the garden cannot be achieved until the Ishi-tate-so finds the stillness of each piece and finds its natural place. This can only be done with the meditative mind.