• A Great Walk For Peace

    Westminster Abbey, London to Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

    May 2019


    Bringing together these two great centres of spiritual gathering, of national heritage, this is a Great Walk for Peace and Reconciliation with the two nations of England and France. A Buddhist priest walking with love for the Christian traditions of Anglicanism and Catholicism. 

    As I walk from the Abbey my whole body will be the prayer of peace, every step allows that prayer to enter the earth. I will be taking the soul of the whole of England with me to stand together with the soul of France at Notre Dame in Paris. This is a healing walk, a walk of reconciliation and friendship, a walk of love and of peace. A walk to witness the heartache of a nation at the devastation caused by fire of their great Lady.

    I always walk with the intention of Peace. Walking with humility, with the intention of deep listening, offering my own insights into the Peace that lives in all of us. I walk in my priestly robes, walking from city to city expounding the message of Peacefulness wherever I go, Peace of the individual, Peace in community and Peace as a whole world unity.

    As I walk I raise money for the Tara Centre in Lancaster, the home of the Tara Peace Foundation, a place that helps so many people come to terms with who they are through kindness, compassion and community. I hope to raise £1000 that will go to keep the Tara Centre flourishing in its offer of open-heartedness

    Every step that we take with compassion fills the whole world with love.

    This is my intention for the Great Walk for Peace. This is how I take every step.... in prayer, in gratitude.

    I will be walking with great humility, walking with the whole 83 generations of the lineage of Buddha.

    Pilgrimage is a strong tradition of any Faith, mine especially; but this is a Radical Pilgrimage. Radical because I will be carrying the hopes and wishes for a peaceful world of everybody on this planet, wherever I go I encourage the world to say YES TO PEACE.

    I will be walking with my wooden staff, inscribed with the words of the Song of Compassion, a healing sutra. With every stride the power of these words will resonate the whole earth, no place will be hidden from the sound of Great Compassion.